User case: WiFi on the go for digital nomads

Digital nomads travel the world during their adventurous lives. Mostly, they don’t have a place they call home, but they work from everywhere around the world. One of the most valuable assets for a life as a digital nomad is mobile Internet. It has become mission critical to run their businesses. One of the most famous digital nomads from The Netherlands is Esther Jacobs. Esther uses a We.Stream to stay online while traveling the world.

“Always Internet, always navigation, always Whatsapp”

Esther Jacobs: “I am faced with the dilemma many travelers and digital nomads know: how to deal with Internet while you are traveling? Airbnbs always say their Internet is fast. ‘Fast’ is very subjective, and often that is not the case. For years, I traveled with a second phone and bought local (data) SIM cards, which is a hassle when you are only in a country for a few days. Using public WiFi at airports, cafes and in public places is a serious security risk; you should always use a VPN when you connect to public WiFi.

Solution: a We.Stream. It’s a small personal WiFi device with data credit on it that is valid worldwide. No more sim card hassle. I have been using it for a few months now and I am very happy. Always Internet, always navigation, always Whatsapp. Just a small device in my bag; 1 device, 1 plan, reasonable prices, no hassle. Plus it is also a VPN (safe!) and a powerbank to charge my phone.”

“Every solution I could think of, involved Internet”

Travelers that have a personal WiFi device are getting so used to the convenience, that it can be a challenge when they can’t connect. Esther faced such a situation herself recently in Asia.

“I got so accustomed to traveling with my We.Stream (I can’t live without Google Maps), that I totally panicked when I forgot my We.Stream in my hotel room in Bangkok. I discovered my mistake in the taxi to the airport. I wanted to call the hotel to ask if they found it, but had no Internet to call. Plan B: I knew my friends were still in the hotel and wanted to message them: also not possible without Internet. Every solution I could think of, involved Internet, exactly why I needed my We.Stream for. Friends in the taxi helped me out by calling and messaging for me. My only worry was: How am I going to get my We.Stream back a soon as possible? Getting a taxi, finding my Airbnb, everything involves being online all the time.

To my embarrassment (and relief!) it turned out that my We.Stream was actually in my bag. Fortunately I could use my own Internet later to call the hotel and apologize for my mistake. Moral of the story: if you travel, get yourself a personal wifi device!”

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