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Corporate package

Want to save on your global data costs? Our Corporate Package is world’s first data bundle that offers companies the option to share worldwide data among colleagues.

Corporate data package advantages:

  • Share your worldwide mobile data among your employees
  • One pool of worldwide data; No individual bundles
  • No ‘loss’ in data that is not being used
  • Save on your global data costs
  • Enable your global employees to be productive always and everywhere
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Built-in VPN for secure browsing

We.Stream offers a built-in VPN layer for secure browsing. This Secure Mode encrypts your internet traffic.

Connect to your corporate network

It is also possible to connect the We.Stream directly to your company network, via the Custom VPN function. Custom VPN is based on OpenVPN software, which encrypts your data using the Transport Layer Security protocol.

With the Custom VPN, you can connect your We.Stream to a server of your choice.

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