How it works

Embedded Cloud SIM

Worldwide the best mobile data rates

Activate data plan with one single click

Built-in VPN

Cloud VPN tunnel

Option for Direct P2P VPN tunnel


Up to 15 hours online

Charge your devices

SIM slots

1 SIM slot

Use your own SIMs securely

How to use

Quick Start Guide

You are just a few clicks away from connecting your devices to the internet and activate your first free databundle that you have received with the purchase of your We.Stream.


Find all answers to your questions regarding our datapackages, how to order or activate them, or regarding the functions of the device.

What can you do with 500MB data?

What you can do with your mobile data bundle, depends strongly on the speed of your internet signal and on your quality demands of your internet usage.

The figures on the right illustrate what you can do with 500MB data. These are rough figures and vary depending on the conditions. No rights can be derived

Stream video

1 hour

Stream music

3 hours

Share photo's

100 photo's

Web browsing

250 webpages

Sending emails

5000 emails