How to get portable internet for less when you travel?

Mobile internet makes has made life much easier in many ways. When traveling, internet on the go has become really important for a lot of people. Finding your way with Google Maps, sending a picture to your friends and family about your travel destination, and ordering your Uber to your hotel. These are all very common situations for both business travelers and holiday seekers. Unfortunately, a lot of travelers also recognize the mobile data bill shock after their trip. The use of mobile data abroad could be really expensive. Are there any mobile data solutions to save on your internet costs when abroad?


Public WiFi

Lots of people try to search for public WiFi networks at the airport as soon as they arrive at their destination. Besides, almost every hotel offers their guests free WiFi. When you disable roaming on your mobile device, and only use these public WiFi networks, you don’t have to be afraid of a high mobile data invoice. However, the use public WiFi networks in hotels, coffee shops or restaurants is very risky. These WiFi networks are often very insecure, which enables hackers to use them to intercept personal messages and passwords. You don’t want to get all your personal data exposed, right?


Buy a local SIM-card

Local SIM-cards, which are available in local telecom shops, could offer travelers a solution for their mobile data issues. You can insert the SIM-card in your own mobile device and use mobile internet directly, mostly for better rates than when you would use roaming. That way, you do not have to worry about high costs afterwards, since you can just buy a fixed amount of data. But do you know, upfront, how much data you need? Using a local SIM-card also means that sometimes you have a temporary phone number. Often, these mobile data solutions does not offer the convenience that a lot of travelers are looking for.


Use a mobile WiFi hotspot

The third solution for internet on the go is the use of a portable WiFi hotspot. Most mobile internet hotspot devices use the 3G and 4G signals from a specific mobile network provider to enable a connection in other countries. With this solution you can buy data upfront and the data is valid in a great amount of countries. A portable WiFi hotspot with built-in Cloud SIM technology, like We.Stream, enables you to enjoy connectivity in more than 100 countries across the world. The device uses multiple 4G networks per country, so you always experience the strongest available signal. Unlimited data bundles are available for a variety of periods; a day, a week or 30 days. If you travel frequently, We.Streams yearly data bundles are the best option for you. The costs of these mobile data bundles are substantially cheaper when you compare it to other solutions. As you can see, portable internet for less when you travel is available!