We.Stream adds another 7 countries to coverage list

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As of today, We.Stream adds another seven countries to its impressive coverage overview, making it a total of 152 covered countries. We.Stream was already the clear leader of the global mifi market when it comes to coverage and value for price. This market leading position is even more improved now. The new countries where customers can enjoy We.Stream connectivity are:

Dominican Republic
Faroe Islands

For maximum transparancy and ease of use, all We.Stream’s flat fee data bundles can be used in all these countries. An actual and complete overview of countries can be found here.

Improved data bundle insights
We.Stream has improved data bundle insights for users in their My Account part of the menu. Curious when your bundle expires? Or do you want to see your purchase history? This Information is now all available in the Your Bundle Overview section of My Account.

Did you purchase a new bundle, but you don’t see the new amount of data in your home screen? New bundles that are ready for usage are being shown in the Ready for Usage section of Your Bundle Overview. This new bundle will automatically become active when users have fully used their current bundle.

Mega Cellular Network Inc. launches We.Stream in the Philippines

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Mega Cellular Network Inc. launches the mobile WiFi solution We.Stream in the Philippines. We.Stream is a revolutionary mobile WiFi hotspot that offers travelers global, secure and personal WiFi, without the fear of roaming charges. Mega Cellular is one of the largest retailers in telecommunication products and gadgets in the Philippines, covering 80+ stores all over the country. By adding We.Stream to their portfolio, Mega Cellular is now able to provide travelers with a solution to stay connected abroad in an affordable way.

Problem solver for travelers
Robert Pronk, Brand Manager at We.Stream: “Our product solves the problem that lots of travelers face when they want to use mobile data outside the borders of their own country. Roaming costs can be very high, and using public WiFi in hotels or at airports comes with security risks. With We.Stream, we offer flat fee mobile data plans that can be used in 145 countries worldwide. This way, we enable a cost-effective and secure solution for travelers to do business and stay in touch with family across the globe.
With their broad local coverage and years of experience in the Telco field, Mega Cellular is the ideal partner for us in The Philippines. Next to that, the demand for a solution like We.Stream is very high in The Philippines because of the high number of in and outbound travelers. That’s why I’m looking forward to a successful partnership.”

Demand for internet abroad rises
Fritz Salindong, Marketing Manager at Mega Cellular Network Inc. adds: “We see many customers in our stores asking for a tool or device that would help them stay connected while traveling. This proves how demanding the need for internet is and how vital connectivity is for many reasons. We.Stream has entered this market with an affordable and easy-to-use solution for travelers. Many of us are afraid to use foreign and public Wi-Fi when traveling – we’re getting anxious that our personal information might be invaded. With We.Stream’s built-in VPN solution, browsing abroad becomes much more secure.”

Travelers don’t have to buy SIM cards anymore: We.Stream offers a built-in Cloud SIM that replaces the need of local SIM cards. This technology proactively selects the best available local network anytime, anywhere. During the first meeting at CES in Las Vegas, Execs from Mega Cellular witnessed the product’s advanced functions. The team tried it successfully in several countries and it didn’t fail the expectations for this product. As of now, We.Stream and Mega Cellular offer both buying and rental options for worldwide data in Mega One stores nationwide and online through a dedicated We.Stream webshop.


About Mega Cellular Network Inc.

Mega Cellular Network Inc. was founded and established in 1990s by father-and-son tandem of the late former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Abdon Buensalida and current President and CEO Mr. Ferdinand Buensalida. With more than 80 retail stores, Mega Cellular has established itself as the Top Telco Retail in the country and still continues to grow as a corporation with multiple business units under its belt.


Gemvision and We.Stream innovate remote support solutions in healthcare and maintenance industry

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Dutch startups Gemvision and We.Stream partner up to innovate remote support solutions in the healthcare and maintenance industry. Their joint services decrease the workload for healthcare professionals and equips maintenance experts with an expert stand-by at any location. This service will be realized with Gemvision’s communication platform, augmented reality smart glasses and a globally available and stable internet connection.

Augmented reality specialist Gemvision develops hard- and software solutions in this field. We.Stream’s mobile WiFi-hotspot offers global internet access to multiple networks per country. Gemvision adds We.Stream as of now to their ‘Smart Glasses Field Kit’.

Gemvision’s projects in the healthcare results in a more efficient patient care. Together with the healthcare industry, Gemvision offers a solution to ‘bring the hospital to the patient’s home’. In the maintenance sector, problems are solved faster and first-time fix rates increase significantly.
For the offering of an all-in-one kit to their customers, Gemvision now adds We.Stream to this toolkit. The integrated Cloud SIM of the We.Stream device, which automatically selects the best available mobile network, is one of the key features of We.Stream. Together with the option to insert a local SIM-card in the We.Stream, these were the drivers for Gemvision to the partnership with We.Stream.

Mark Smit, CEO and Founder at Gemvision explains:
“Our customers ask for the most reliable solutions to work from everywhere. A stable internet connection is one of the most important requirements to realize this, together with the smart glass itself and a power unit. This is what creates reliable and practical innovation in the field. When I tested We.Stream myself during our first meeting at CES in Las Vegas, I was impressed with the features of this hotspot. It uses multiple networks in almost each country of the world and also offers the flexibility of using your own SIM cards. This is the best combination for both our international and local operating customers.“

Jurgen ter Hoeve, CEO at We.Stream:
“When I first heard about Gemvision, I was immediately enthusiastic about their innovative projects. I am convinced that our solution is a very valuable addition in the portfolio of Gemvision. Remote support and healthcare will definitely take off even more in the near future. I am proud that we will contribute in this field with We.Stream.”


About Gemvision
Since 2015, Gemvision develops communication software to optimize team and customer communication with a real-time video connection and Augmented Reality. These software applications are installed on smart glasses, smartphones, tablets and PC’s. This realizes remote support solutions in the healthcare and maintenance sectors.
Gemvision is a key partner of Vuzix Corporation and is nominated as one of the most innovative startups of The Netherlands. In 2019, Gemvision joined the Dutch Delegation at the CES in Las Vegas together with His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn van Oranje, being one of the 50 selected startups.