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We.Stream adds another 7 countries to coverage list

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As of today, We.Stream adds another seven countries to its impressive coverage overview, making it a total of 152 covered countries. We.Stream was already the clear leader of the global mifi market when it comes to coverage and value for price. This market leading position is even more improved now. The new countries where customers can enjoy We.Stream connectivity are:

Dominican Republic
Faroe Islands

For maximum transparancy and ease of use, all We.Stream’s flat fee data bundles can be used in all these countries. An actual and complete overview of countries can be found here.

Improved data bundle insights
We.Stream has improved data bundle insights for users in their My Account part of the menu. Curious when your bundle expires? Or do you want to see your purchase history? This Information is now all available in the Your Bundle Overview section of My Account.

Did you purchase a new bundle, but you don’t see the new amount of data in your home screen? New bundles that are ready for usage are being shown in the Ready for Usage section of Your Bundle Overview. This new bundle will automatically become active when users have fully used their current bundle.

Mega Cellular Network Inc. launches We.Stream in the Philippines

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Mega Cellular Network Inc. launches the mobile WiFi solution We.Stream in the Philippines. We.Stream is a revolutionary mobile WiFi hotspot that offers travelers global, secure and personal WiFi, without the fear of roaming charges. Mega Cellular is one of the largest retailers in telecommunication products and gadgets in the Philippines, covering 80+ stores all over the country. By adding We.Stream to their portfolio, Mega Cellular is now able to provide travelers with a solution to stay connected abroad in an affordable way.

Problem solver for travelers
Robert Pronk, Brand Manager at We.Stream: “Our product solves the problem that lots of travelers face when they want to use mobile data outside the borders of their own country. Roaming costs can be very high, and using public WiFi in hotels or at airports comes with security risks. With We.Stream, we offer flat fee mobile data plans that can be used in 145 countries worldwide. This way, we enable a cost-effective and secure solution for travelers to do business and stay in touch with family across the globe.
With their broad local coverage and years of experience in the Telco field, Mega Cellular is the ideal partner for us in The Philippines. Next to that, the demand for a solution like We.Stream is very high in The Philippines because of the high number of in and outbound travelers. That’s why I’m looking forward to a successful partnership.”

Demand for internet abroad rises
Fritz Salindong, Marketing Manager at Mega Cellular Network Inc. adds: “We see many customers in our stores asking for a tool or device that would help them stay connected while traveling. This proves how demanding the need for internet is and how vital connectivity is for many reasons. We.Stream has entered this market with an affordable and easy-to-use solution for travelers. Many of us are afraid to use foreign and public Wi-Fi when traveling – we’re getting anxious that our personal information might be invaded. With We.Stream’s built-in VPN solution, browsing abroad becomes much more secure.”

Travelers don’t have to buy SIM cards anymore: We.Stream offers a built-in Cloud SIM that replaces the need of local SIM cards. This technology proactively selects the best available local network anytime, anywhere. During the first meeting at CES in Las Vegas, Execs from Mega Cellular witnessed the product’s advanced functions. The team tried it successfully in several countries and it didn’t fail the expectations for this product. As of now, We.Stream and Mega Cellular offer both buying and rental options for worldwide data in Mega One stores nationwide and online through a dedicated We.Stream webshop.


About Mega Cellular Network Inc.

Mega Cellular Network Inc. was founded and established in 1990s by father-and-son tandem of the late former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Abdon Buensalida and current President and CEO Mr. Ferdinand Buensalida. With more than 80 retail stores, Mega Cellular has established itself as the Top Telco Retail in the country and still continues to grow as a corporation with multiple business units under its belt.


Gemvision and We.Stream innovate remote support solutions in healthcare and maintenance industry

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Dutch startups Gemvision and We.Stream partner up to innovate remote support solutions in the healthcare and maintenance industry. Their joint services decrease the workload for healthcare professionals and equips maintenance experts with an expert stand-by at any location. This service will be realized with Gemvision’s communication platform, augmented reality smart glasses and a globally available and stable internet connection.

Augmented reality specialist Gemvision develops hard- and software solutions in this field. We.Stream’s mobile WiFi-hotspot offers global internet access to multiple networks per country. Gemvision adds We.Stream as of now to their ‘Smart Glasses Field Kit’.

Gemvision’s projects in the healthcare results in a more efficient patient care. Together with the healthcare industry, Gemvision offers a solution to ‘bring the hospital to the patient’s home’. In the maintenance sector, problems are solved faster and first-time fix rates increase significantly.
For the offering of an all-in-one kit to their customers, Gemvision now adds We.Stream to this toolkit. The integrated Cloud SIM of the We.Stream device, which automatically selects the best available mobile network, is one of the key features of We.Stream. Together with the option to insert a local SIM-card in the We.Stream, these were the drivers for Gemvision to the partnership with We.Stream.

Mark Smit, CEO and Founder at Gemvision explains:
“Our customers ask for the most reliable solutions to work from everywhere. A stable internet connection is one of the most important requirements to realize this, together with the smart glass itself and a power unit. This is what creates reliable and practical innovation in the field. When I tested We.Stream myself during our first meeting at CES in Las Vegas, I was impressed with the features of this hotspot. It uses multiple networks in almost each country of the world and also offers the flexibility of using your own SIM cards. This is the best combination for both our international and local operating customers.“

Jurgen ter Hoeve, CEO at We.Stream:
“When I first heard about Gemvision, I was immediately enthusiastic about their innovative projects. I am convinced that our solution is a very valuable addition in the portfolio of Gemvision. Remote support and healthcare will definitely take off even more in the near future. I am proud that we will contribute in this field with We.Stream.”


About Gemvision
Since 2015, Gemvision develops communication software to optimize team and customer communication with a real-time video connection and Augmented Reality. These software applications are installed on smart glasses, smartphones, tablets and PC’s. This realizes remote support solutions in the healthcare and maintenance sectors.
Gemvision is a key partner of Vuzix Corporation and is nominated as one of the most innovative startups of The Netherlands. In 2019, Gemvision joined the Dutch Delegation at the CES in Las Vegas together with His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn van Oranje, being one of the 50 selected startups.

How to stay online at international trade shows?

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Stay connected without the fear of roaming charges

International trade shows are dynamic in various ways. Lots of people use these events to look for new products, generate leads and schedule business meetings. But the one thing that is essential during an event like this, can be a hassle to get: mobile internet at trade shows. Roaming is very expensive and WiFi in hotels is often slow and definitely not secure. Besides this, the internet signal in the conference halls is often very poor due to the large amount of people and the construction of the exhibition halls.

Case: Mobile internet at the CES
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest technology show in the world. During the 2019 edition, almost 200.000 people visited the exhibition halls in Las Vegas. Almost half of them are from outside the USA. All these foreign visitors had challenges with their connectivity during the CES, due to the fear of roaming charges and weak internet signals.

But fortunately, no one was struggling with any of these issues at the Holland Pavilion. The Dutch exhibitors used a We.Stream during their stay, both at the exhibition as well as outside the halls. The mobile WiFi hotspot kept providing a stable 4G signal to all its users, even in the overcrowded area of Eureka Park at CES. While other mobile data providers could not provide any internet signal at all, the strong internal antenna of the We.Stream proved its quality. Thanks to this, all Dutch exhibitors were able to digitally follow up meetings, show demos and update their social channels during the show directly. When looking for WiFi, the list of signals was full of We.Stream devices.

Mobile internet has become mission critical, especially on such an event like the CES, where lots of business is being done and new business contacts are generated. That’s why a lot of companies were happy that they could stay online thanks to their We.Stream.

Some of the comments of the Dutch delegates:

“We.Stream was a lifesaver!”

“I needed to send out a few emails and We.Stream was the only mobile WiFi solution that worked”

“Saved me hundreds of Euro’s during my stay in Las Vegas”

An essential solution when visiting international trade shows
And when the exhibition doors closed? People used their We.Stream while wandering around on the famous Strip of Las Vegas, to share pictures with family and friends, to order their Uber to a restaurant, and to update their agenda with business meetings for the next day.

Are you responsible for exhibitor or visitor facilities at a trade show organiziation or at an event location? By offering We.Stream to your customers, you can improve your service and also profit in a commercial way.

We.Stream is the solution for internet at trade shows.

Please contact us for more information about our Trade Show Package.

Order you We.Stream here to ensure you will be online during your next international trade show.

We.Stream launches world’s first worldwide data bundle for companies at CES

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Dutch Mobile WiFi hotspot supplier announces ConnectedYou as its newest reseller

We.Stream announced the introduction of world’s first worldwide corporate data bundle at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. This bundle, with a minimum amount of 1 Terabyte, enables companies to share mobile data amongst its employees. This way, companies are able to use worldwide data as efficient as possible. The bundle has an expiration date of 24 months. Next to this, We.Stream finalized a partnerhsip with ConnectedYou during the largest technology show in the world. ConnectedYou, a leading IoT service orchestrator, is the first partner of We.Stream in Scandinavia.

 We.Stream showcased its mobile WiFi hotspot with connectivity in over 140 countries at CES 2019. Travelers are able to purchase worldwide mobile data for one day, one week, 30 days or a year. As of now, We.Stream provides a ‘Corporate Package’, offering companies the possibility to use worldwide data as efficient as possible.  

Jurgen ter Hoeve, CEO of We.Stream: “This is the first bundle in the world where a company gets a fixed amount of global data for maximum 24 months to share among colleagues. We offer this data packages with a minimum of 1 Terabyte and connect a customized amount of We.Stream devices to this package. A company can decide for itself how they share the devices and the pool of data between its employees. So there are no individual bundles and there is no ‘loss’ in data that is not being used.”

Next to this, ConnectedYou, an IoT service orchestrator and We.Stream announced a partnership. ConnectedYou has a lot of experience when it comes to the needs of corporate companies in the connectivity area, and is convinced that a pool of worldwide mobile data is the ideal situation for most of the companies. The new package therefore perfectly matches with the customers of ConnectedYou, who is the first partner of We.Stream in Scandinavia. With this new solution being added to the ConnectedYou portfolio, the IoT-focused company offers its international customers a new solution to stay connected while working abroad.

“The We.Stream solution is a perfect package for travelers, combining the critical elements of worldwide connectivity and a built-in VPN to maximize security. It is the perfect mobile internet solution for every traveler. Our partnership is strategic towards the future and we aim to jointly develop and serve clients worldwide with the most advanced international mobile data solution. In days to come, this will be the product in every traveler’s pocket.” Said Parag Mittal, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder at ConnectedYou.

Jurgen ter Hoeve: “I’m very proud that we can announce a big success during CES 2019 again. Our product fits perfectly to the portfolio and the customer group of ConnectedYou. Besides this, we are happy that to expand our global footprint with a partner in the Scandinavian area.”

About ConnectedYou

ConnectedYou is an independent IoT Service company offering a unique and unified IoT service to enterprises globally through a single access platform integrated with multiple technology and service providers. ConnectedYou’s service is based on 4 pillar approach encompassing Devices, Connectivity and Cloud Services and Value added Services. ConnectedYou enables an ecosystem that allows enterprises to freely choose services and offers from suppliers, enabling the ability to remotely switch suppliers within the ConnectedYou ecosystem. ConnectedYou provides enterprises with a future proof orchestration for all their IoT needs keeping future innovation and improvements in mind.

We.Stream once again joins the Holland Pavilion at CES 2019 in Las Vegas

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In January 2018, We.Stream dazzled the market, and won multiple awards, with the launch of its mobile WiFi hotspot at CES Las Vegas.  Since the launch, the company has grown very quickly.  In 2019, We.Stream returns to the Holland Pavilion at CES to showcase a vastly improved product. We.Stream is one of a select group invited to exhibit two years in a row at the Dutch Tech Square. They owe the honor to a highly successful first year, where multiple agreements were signed with new customers and partners worldwide. In the past few months, We.Stream signed deals with distributors and resellers of their mobile WiFi hotspot in the US, South Africa, France, Spain and The Philippines.  Of note is an agreement with KLM where the Royal Dutch Airline sells the We.Stream product to their customers through their inflight retail portfolio. With the We.Stream mobile WiFi hotspot, travelers are connected immediately at their destinations, and are able to use mobile internet worldwide in a secure way, without the worries of high roaming charges.


Jurgen ter Hoeve, CEO at We.Stream explains: “Last year lots of companies showed their interested for We.Stream during CES. This year, we offer an even better product. Recently we added more than 40 countries, now totaling 140+,  to our coverage list and we improved our pricing model as well. Besides this, we have developed the security layer on our device to a next level. We are the clear market leader when we look at coverage and value for price. At CES we will focus mainly on companies and business travelers with an international focus, because we offer them a solution for doing business worldwide. One of our other goals is to contact potential resellers of our product in the IT, Telecom or Travel industry. Our distributors from the USA (Frontier Computer Corp), France (Advanced Tracking) and the Netherlands (Partners in Telecom) will join us to expand our international network. This way, together we will make the next steps in the fight for secure and affordable worldwide mobile internet.“


We.Stream will be exhibiting 8-11 January at the Holland Pavilion at Eureka Park, booth # 51726.  Join us for a demo of our product!



User case: WiFi on the go for digital nomads

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User case: WiFi on the go for digital nomads


Digital nomads travel the world during their adventurous lives. Mostly, they don’t have a place they call home, but they work from everywhere around the world. One of the most valuable assets for a life as a digital nomad is mobile Internet. It has become mission critical to run their businesses. One of the most famous digital nomads from The Netherlands is Esther Jacobs. Esther uses a We.Stream to stay online while traveling the world.


“Always Internet, always navigation, always Whatsapp”


Esther Jacobs: “I am faced with the dilemma many travelers and digital nomads know: how to deal with Internet while you are traveling? Airbnbs always say their Internet is fast. ‘Fast’ is very subjective, and often that is not the case. For years, I traveled with a second phone and bought local (data) SIM cards, which is a hassle when you are only in a country for a few days. Using public WiFi at airports, cafes and in public places is a serious security risk; you should always use a VPN when you connect to public WiFi.


Solution: a We.Stream. It’s a small personal WiFi device with data credit on it that is valid worldwide. No more sim card hassle. I have been using it for a few months now and I am very happy. Always Internet, always navigation, always Whatsapp. Just a small device in my bag; 1 device, 1 plan, reasonable prices, no hassle. Plus it is also a VPN (safe!) and a powerbank to charge my phone.”


“Every solution I could think of, involved Internet”


Travelers that have a personal WiFi device are getting so used to the convenience, that it can be a challenge when they can’t connect. Esther faced such a situation herself recently in Asia.


“I got so accustomed to traveling with my We.Stream (I can’t live without Google Maps), that I totally panicked when I forgot my We.Stream in my hotel room in Bangkok. I discovered my mistake in the taxi to the airport. I wanted to call the hotel to ask if they found it, but had no Internet to call. Plan B: I knew my friends were still in the hotel and wanted to message them: also not possible without Internet. Every solution I could think of, involved Internet, exactly why I needed my We.Stream for. Friends in the taxi helped me out by calling and messaging for me. My only worry was: How am I going to get my We.Stream back a soon as possible? Getting a taxi, finding my Airbnb, everything involves being online all the time.


To my embarrassment (and relief!) it turned out that my We.Stream was actually in my bag. Fortunately I could use my own Internet later to call the hotel and apologize for my mistake. Moral of the story: if you travel, get yourself a personal wifi device!”



More information about Esther Jacobs


We.Stream and KLM announce partnership

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Mobile WiFi hotspot for sale on board of KLM flights as of the 1st of November


Today We.Stream and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announce a partnership, for the sale of the mobile WiFi hotspot on board of KLM flights. After in-flight purchase, passengers are able to connect their mobile devices to the internet via We.Stream upon arrival at their destination instantly. This way, passengers can order their Uber, use Google Maps or check their messages directly after they have landed. We.Stream offers travelers a secure and affordable solution for using mobile internet worldwide. As of the 1st of November, We.Stream is available for sale in the World Business Class of one of Europe’s biggest airlines. We.Stream is launching a special duty-free proposition for KLM passengers, where travelers can buy the mobile WiFi hotspot with one year of unlimited mobile internet worldwide. At the same time, We.Stream announces further expansion of its global coverage to a new total of 145 countries.


Robert Pronk, Marketing Manager at We.Stream: “Our product solves a problem that lots of travelers recognize. The cost of mobile data outside the borders of your own country or continent worldwide are very high. And since travelers are becoming more aware of the security risks of public WiFi, it has become a real hassle to find a good solution for their connectivity issues abroad. With built-in VPN functionality, which can be used in 145 countries worldwide, we offer travelers a cost-effective and secure alternative for conducting business and staying in touch with family and friends worldwide. Our product therefore matches up perfectly with the travel retail industry.


From the moment we launched We.Stream in January 2018, forging a partnership with KLM was on top of our wish list. It goes without saying that I am very proud that we have agreed on this cooperation. Besides the fact that the KLM passengers fit directly within our target group, I am pleased that such a leading organization has chosen We.Stream. For us, this is a welcome confirmation of the quality of our product.”


Frank Hoogma, retail buyer at KLM: “We offer our passengers only products with truly added value. We.Stream is a great example of a product that fits this requirement. Mobile internet has become a mission-critical asset nowadays, especially for business travelers. We.Stream makes mobile connectivity accessible and affordable worldwide with a great quality product, that is also very easy to use. These are all features that are very important for KLM. Therefore I’m convinced that we will be offering our passengers an innovative and valuable product with We.Stream.”


Geographic coverage expansion

For passengers who buy the We.Stream during their KLM flight, one year of unlimited internet access is included. After in-flight purchase, passengers are able to connect their mobile devices to the internet via We.Stream upon arrival at their destination instantly. This way, passengers can order their Uber, use Google Maps or check their messages directly after they have landed.


Jurgen ter Hoeve, CEO at We.Stream: “While working on this agreement, we kept a close eye on the destinations of KLM flights. Based on this information, we have expanded our worldwide coverage even further, adding 42 new countries. Some of the countries that have been added to our coverage list are the Dutch Antilles, Surinam and most countries in the Carribean and in Africa. In all countries, the built-in Cloud SIM of the We.Stream device connects to local 4G and 3G networks to enable instant personal connectivity. From now on, all our data plans can be used in 145 countries, which makes We.Stream the market leader when it comes to coverage and value for the price.”


We.Stream expands its international coverage to 145 countries

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As of today, a huge amount of 42 new countries are added to the long list of countries where We.Stream provides connectivity. Among which are populair countries like Curaçao, Congo DRC, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Jamaica and Aruba. By adding these 42 new countries, the total amount of covered countries has grown to 145.


Best available coverage worldwide

The mobile WiFi hotspot has an embedded Cloud SIM built into the device. This technology enables a 4G connection to various mobile networks worldwide, providing the strongest possible mobile internet solution available. Therefore it is the perfect solution for travelers who are in search of personal WiFi on the go.
By adding these list of 42 countries to its Cloud SIM, We.Stream becomes the clear leader of the global mifi market when it comes to coverage and value for price. For maximum transparancy and ease of use, all We.Stream’s flat fee data bundles can be used in all these countries. An actual and complete overview of countries can be found here.


New: Worry-free worldwide internet for one year

Having said that, We.Stream also announces a new data bundle for ‘heavy users’ and world travelers. For travelers that don’t want to have any worries about their mobile data, We.Stream introduces the Unlimited Gold bundle. This data bundle, which is also valid in 145 countries, provides users 20 GB of high speed (LTE) mobile data each month. You can find the pricing and an overview of all current data bundles here.


Below a list of all new countries that are available directly on the We.Stream.


Antigua and Barbuda


Bosnia & Herzegovina

British Virgin Islands


Cayman Islands

Congo Dem. Rep.







Isle of Man







Puerto Rico

Saint Martin

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saudi Arabia



Trinidad & Tobago

Turks and Caicos Islands


French Guyana









Saint Barthelemy

Saint Kitts & Nevis

Saint Lucia


How to get portable internet for less when you travel?

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How to get portable internet for less when you travel?

Mobile internet makes has made life much easier in many ways. When traveling, internet on the go has become really important for a lot of people. Finding your way with Google Maps, sending a picture to your friends and family about your travel destination, and ordering your Uber to your hotel. These are all very common situations for both business travelers and holiday seekers. Unfortunately, a lot of travelers also recognize the mobile data bill shock after their trip. The use of mobile data abroad could be really expensive. Are there any mobile data solutions to save on your internet costs when abroad?


Public WiFi

Lots of people try to search for public WiFi networks at the airport as soon as they arrive at their destination. Besides, almost every hotel offers their guests free WiFi. When you disable roaming on your mobile device, and only use these public WiFi networks, you don’t have to be afraid of a high mobile data invoice. However, the use public WiFi networks in hotels, coffee shops or restaurants is very risky. These WiFi networks are often very insecure, which enables hackers to use them to intercept personal messages and passwords. You don’t want to get all your personal data exposed, right?


Buy a local SIM-card

Local SIM-cards, which are available in local telecom shops, could offer travelers a solution for their mobile data issues. You can insert the SIM-card in your own mobile device and use mobile internet directly, mostly for better rates than when you would use roaming. That way, you do not have to worry about high costs afterwards, since you can just buy a fixed amount of data. But do you know, upfront, how much data you need? Using a local SIM-card also means that sometimes you have a temporary phone number. Often, these mobile data solutions does not offer the convenience that a lot of travelers are looking for.


Use a mobile WiFi hotspot

The third solution for internet on the go is the use of a portable WiFi hotspot. Most mobile internet hotspot devices use the 3G and 4G signals from a specific mobile network provider to enable a connection in other countries. With this solution you can buy data upfront and the data is valid in a great amount of countries. A portable WiFi hotspot with built-in Cloud SIM technology, like We.Stream, enables you to enjoy connectivity in more than 100 countries across the world. The device uses multiple 4G networks per country, so you always experience the strongest available signal. Unlimited data bundles are available for a variety of periods; a day, a week or 30 days. If you travel frequently, We.Streams yearly data bundles are the best option for you. The costs of these mobile data bundles are substantially cheaper when you compare it to other solutions. As you can see, portable internet for less when you travel is available!